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Alice Movie

Movie scores 5/ 5 stars
  • Alice movie produced by Collision Entertainment movie studio.
  • Release date November 6, 2010
  • in genre(s) Action, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller.

Years after her first experience in Wonderland, Alice, now a disturbed young woman mourning the death of her parents, returns to the land of talking animals and the wicked Queen of Hearts. Based on the computer game "American McGee's Alice."

No long description of the Alice plot yet. But we heard the movie was about alice eve, alice in wonderland, alice in chains, alice cooper, alice in wonderland trailer, alice echo news, go ask alice, alice walker, alice in wonderland costumes, alice and olivia, more or less :)

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Alice Trailer

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Alice Rating

  • The Movie Rating is 10 out of 1 votes.

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Alice Soundtrack

The complete soundtrack of Alice:

  1. Falling Down The Rabbit Hole
  2. Village of the Doomed
  3. Fortress of Doors
  4. Fire and Brimstone
  5. Wonderland Woods
  6. The Funhouse
  7. Skool Daze
  8. Time to Die
  9. I'm Not Edible
  10. Taking Tea in Dreamland
  11. Fungiferous Flora
  12. Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum
  13. The Centipede
  14. Pandemonium
  15. Flying on the Wings of Steam
  16. Late to the Jabberwocky
  17. Pool of Tears
  18. Battle with the Red Queen
  19. A Happy Ending
  20. Flying on the Wings of Steam (remix)

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