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Constantine 2 Movie

Movie scores 4.7/ 5 stars
  • Constantine 2 movie produced by DC Comics movie studio.
  • Release date November 6, 2010
  • in genre(s) Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller.

Caught in the middle of the war between Angels and Demons, John Constantine must find a way to stop Demons from possessing the bodies of innocent people and becoming half-breeds

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Constantine 2 Trailer

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Constantine 2 Rating

  • The Movie Rating is 9.4 out of 24 votes.
  • Our advice on this movie: what are you waiting for? With such an high rating you should be watching the movie instead of beeing on this website.

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Constantine 2 Soundtrack

The complete soundtrack of Constantine 2:

  1. King Kong
  2. A Fateful Meeting
  3. Defeat Is Always Momentary
  4. It's In The Subtext
  5. Two Grand
  6. The Venture Departs
  7. Last Blank Space On The Map
  8. It's Deserted
  9. Something Monsterous... Neither Beast Nor Man
  10. Head Towards The Animals
  11. Beautiful
  12. Tooth And Claw
  13. That's All There Is...
  14. Captured
  15. Central Park
  16. The Empire State Building
  17. Beauty Killed The Beast I
  18. Beauty Killed The Beast II
  19. Beauty Killed The Beast III
  20. Beauty Killed The Beast IV
  21. Beauty Killed The Beast V

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