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Iron Man 2 Movie

Movie scores 4.5/ 5 stars
  • Iron Man 2 movie produced by Marvel Entertainment movie studio directed by Jon Favreau.
  • Release date April 25, 2010
  • Movie popularity overall ranking is 204nd with a 9 rating .

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Iron Man 2 Trailer

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Iron Man 2 Rating

  • The Movie Rating is 9 out of 774 votes.
  • Our advice on this movie: what are you waiting for? With such an high rating you should be watching the movie instead of beeing on this website.

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Iron Man 2 Soundtrack

The complete soundtrack of Iron Man 2:

  1. Driving With The Top Down
  2. Iron Man, 2008 version (John O'Brien and Rick Boston)
  3. Merchant Of Death
  4. Trinkets To Kill A Prince
  5. Mark I
  6. Fireman
  7. Vacation's Over
  8. Golden Egg
  9. DamnKid (DJ Boborobo)
  10. Mark II
  11. Extra Dry, Extra Olives
  12. Iron Man
  13. Gulmira
  14. Are Those Bullet Holes?
  15. Section 16
  16. Iron Monger
  17. Arc Reaktor
  18. Institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies)
  19. Iron Man (Jack Urbont)

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