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Piranha Movie

Movie scores 4.25/ 5 stars
  • Piranha movie produced by Chako Film Company movie studio directed by Alexandre Aja.
  • Release date August 19, 2010
  • Movie popularity overall ranking is 527nd with a 8.5 rating .

In Lake Havasu, Arizona, a tremor causes the lake's floor to open, setting free scores of prehistoric piranhas.

No long description of the Piranha plot yet. But we heard the movie was about piranha fish, piranhaconda, piranha 3d, piranha fish pictures, piranha killer sushi, piranha 3dd, piranha movie, piranhas for sale, piranha ironworker, red belly piranha, more or less :)

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Piranha Trailer

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Piranha Rating

  • The Movie Rating is 8.5 out of 11 votes.
  • Our advice on this movie: what are you waiting for? With such an high rating you should be watching the movie instead of beeing on this website.

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Piranha Soundtrack

The complete soundtrack of Piranha:

  1. Get U Home (Shwayze)
  2. Shake Shake (Envy feat. Leviticus)
  3. Here She Comes (Flatheads)
  4. Make It Take It (Amanda Blank)
  5. Bring The Noise Remix Pump-kin Edit (Public Enemy vs. Benny Benassi)
  6. She Moves (Dub Pistols)
  7. Flower Duet from Lakme (Adriana Kohutova and Denisa Slepkovska)
  8. Nadas Por Free (Ozomatli)
  9. Come And Get It (Eli Paperboy Reed)
  10. Now You See It (Honorebel Feat. Pitbull & Jump Smokers)
  11. M.A.D. (Hadouken!)
  12. I'm In The House (Steve Aoki feat. [[[zuper blahq]]])

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