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Soldiers of Fortune Movie

Movie scores 0/ 5 stars
  • Soldiers of Fortune movie produced by movie studio.
  • Release date February 1, 2011
  • in genre(s) Action, Adventure.

Wealthy thrill-seekers pay huge premiums to have themselves inserted into military adventures, only this time things don't go exactly to plan. Add synopsis »

No long description of the Soldiers of Fortune plot yet. But we heard the movie was about soldiers of fortune movie, soldiers of fortune 2014, soldiers of fortune 2013, actor haussman soldiers of fortune, soldiers of fortune tv show, soldiers of fortune trailer, soldiers of fortune mercenary, vanderber's portrayer in soldiers of fortune, soldiers of fortune movie 2012, soldiers of fortune magazine, more or less :)

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Soldiers of Fortune Soundtrack

The complete soundtrack of Soldiers of Fortune:

  1. Sam and Jenny's Theme [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  2. Main Title [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  3. George Company [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  4. Retrospect No. 1 [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  5. Retrospect No. 2 [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  6. Strategic Sam / Scared [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  7. Death of Colonel Couzens [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  8. Berserk [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  9. Norzagaray [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  10. Millard's Death [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  11. Parade George [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  12. Flash Raid [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  13. Sniper [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  14. Death of Little Joe [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  15. Don't Argue / Desparate Journey [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  16. End Title [From Between Heaven and Hell]
  17. Theme (piano)
  18. Main Title [From Soldier of Fortune]
  19. Marine Patrol [From Soldier of Fortune]
  20. Lee's House / Restaurant [From Soldier of Fortune]
  21. Inquisition [From Soldier of Fortune]
  22. Search Montage [From Soldier of Fortune]
  23. Dak Lae [From Soldier of Fortune]
  24. Macao Ferry [From Soldier of Fortune]
  25. Lee in Action [From Soldier of Fortune]
  26. Lee and Jane [From Soldier of Fortune]
  27. End Title (damaged)
  28. Hong Kong (source montage)
  29. Tweedie's (source montage)
  30. Theme (piano reprise) [From Soldier of Fortune]

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