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Stingy Jack Movie

Movie scores 5/ 5 stars
  • Stingy Jack movie produced by movie studio.
  • Release date June 27, 2011
  • in genre(s) Horror, Thriller See  ».

About a small town called Emerson, and its prohibition on Halloween, which begins in 1957 when Esther Fowler witnesses her son, Stevie, mowed down by a speeding car while trick-or-treating. But David, his wife Kaitlyn and their 9-year-old son Jack take up residence and refuse to let the holiday go. Full summary » Add synopsis »

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  • The Movie Rating is 10 out of 11 votes.
  • Our advice on this movie: what are you waiting for? With such an high rating you should be watching the movie instead of beeing on this website.

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